Mar 4, 2013

Creative Unblockage---A Little Help From My Friends

As a creative sort, I use up a whole lot of energy on whatever task I'm creating at the moment, and writing a blog post has been sitting on the back burner. I think I need a turntable, or a lazy-susan. It would be sectioned off and labeled "Writing", "Crocheting", "Papercrafting", "Learning a New Craft". I would turn it to the next section and work on that project, then turn again. Unfortunately, it would have a very big section labeled "Maintaining an Etsy Store."

I probably need a whole turntable just for my Etsy store. I used to label days of the week with different activities, such as photography day, listing day, crocheting day, but there weren't enough days in the week. Part of the reason is because I'm so slow.

With the mental and physical fatigue of fibromyalgia, things that used to take me a short time, now take forever. I've read articles about time management that say to spend one hour a day on the internet. That was supposed to include updating Facebook and Twitter, as well as answering emails and blogging. An hour a day gets me answering my email, to give you an idea of how slow I am.

Mar 3, 2013

Fibromyalgia Network Closing---Sad News

On a sad note, Kristin Thorson, editor and publisher for 25 years of the remarkable Fibromyalgia Network News, is having increased health problems, prompting her to close the Network.
For more information on the closure of the Network, visit the website by clicking on this link, fmnetnews closing