About Me

Dateline Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Life on the bajada of the Sandia Mountains near the bosque of the Rio Grande has been a lovely existence. Originally from Texas, I've lived in Arizona and Florida, disparate states without a doubt. I love wine and good ales and make the meanest pot of beans west of the Pecos.

Crocheting has become my passion since I've become unable to work in my profession of nursing. I attend crochet/knit groups all over town almost every weekday and Saturday. These groups are the source of many of my friends, and I've learned so much from these folks. Even though I don't knit, I've learned some of the lingo, like steeks and yarn-overs. I've learned about yarns, WPIs, swatches, plies, colorways, and more.

Until I started Cozy Corner Crochets, I crocheted shawl after shawl and started designing fingerless gloves. Some day I'll get back to them.

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