Jan 2, 2013

What I Learned This Christmas

This was my first Christmas season as an Etsy seller, and it took me by surprise. The volume of custom orders increased dramatically, and I was not able to make any new items for the shop. This year I will have a better plan in place, such as having a larger inventory, not taking so many custom items, and I've learned how to make batch changes to my listings that is a time saver.

Surprisingly, my yoga socks were the biggest seller, and the black ones were the most requested color. Go figure, with all the gorgeous sock yarns out there these days, and people wanted black acrylic. I've got to convince people that wool sock yarn is comfortable year round, comes in beautiful color combinations, and due to its hardiness, it is a good value.

Also surprising is that I did not sell one set of Christmas dishcloths. I really thought they would go fast. Now I don't know what to do with them. Give them away, I guess.

I finally broke down and created a new Facebook fan page. My old site had a glitch in the news feed, and FB would never respond to my reports, despite the fact that I followed their instructions and sent screen shots. I'm throwing up my hands in surrender and losing over 1,000 fans. Here's my new page:  Cozy Corner Crochets by Anna

And finally, I have had the time now to list some more items. I just love making stitch markers, and I've just listed 6 new sets. In addition, all remaining stitch markers will be sold in sets except for a couple that are individual, like the crochet queen.

Until next time, don't forget to visit my Etsy shop, Cozy Corner Crochets.


  1. Congratulations on your successful holiday sales! I love color too but sometimes I get stuck on the "what color would he/she want" and I go for the plain neutrals =(

  2. This was my first Etsy Christmas, and I bet I made at least 7 custom Magical Rainbow Unicorns, the majority of them being in pink and purple...I bet there are some happy little girls out there.
    Your yoga socks, they are awesome. I am kinda thinking maybe a really soft pair to sleep in...my heels don't get cold, and my toes like to wiggle, just a little something to keep the arch part warm.
    I'll get with you on the Etsy side, see what we can come up with. xxoo


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