Apr 17, 2012

Mug Hugs Galore

Monday was to be a weekend wrap-up, but lookee here--it's already Tuesday. That's what happens when I get blindsided by a migraine. Some of you know what I'm talking about.

I was busy crocheting this weekend, that's for sure. I put the finishing touches on two pair of yoga socks and started a third pair. I added buttons to a couple pair of Mug Hugs. I even came up with two new designs that I'm really pleased with.

Five new Mug Hugs to list.


To be honest, I need to do some work on the yellow one. I made the same pattern in the maroon, but the yellow came out a little smaller than the maroon. Tension, tension, tension.

Here's my new favorite. My daughter, who goes to New Mexico State University, helped pick out the buttons. They are a little retro, a little southwestern. I guess it works. The pattern has a lovely scallop at the top, which you can just see.

Don't look for them at Cozy Corner Crochets yet because I haven't listed them. Y'all got first look. Now don't you feel special...

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