Apr 20, 2012

Tea Party Pendants

Friday's Feature

When I stumbled upon Tea Party Pendants on Etsy, I was instantly enthralled. Here were the prettiest little squares of resin covered decorative initials, colorful characters on a variety of backgrounds, and romantic Victorian designs. Kristin doesn't stop there: Steampunk, Sports, Faith, Fantasy, Kids, and Careers to name a few. Here's one just in time for Mother's Day.

 One of the best things, in my opinion, is her ability to do custom pendants. My daughter is in a sorority, and I asked Kristin if she would make some pendants for her if I got the artwork. She said she would take a look at it and let me know. After scouring the internet for free art in the design I had in mind, I emailed the photos to Tea Party Pendants. The resulting products far exceeded my expectations, and my daughter was equally thrilled with them. She said she now had gifts for her "Little" and "Big" (sorority sisters.)

I know it is a little small, but can you see the hand of Lilly Pulitizer in the heart? She has designed a lot of Greek prints. Kristin was kind enough to add the little bead on the chain.

And now, the happy smile of the gift recipient. That's what crafting is all about.

Visit Kristin at Tea Party Pendants, and don't forget to visit me at Cozy Corner Crochets.

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  1. This is the aforementioned daughter :) I just wanted to drop by and comment on how truly wonderful these pendants are. They are beautiful and perfectly match the friends I gifted them to. Not to mention they are extremely versatile. I'm not much of a wearer of necklaces, but I wanted to keep one so I turned it into a keychain (read: I took off the chains and "deftly" attached it to a keyring, may or may not have broken a nail in the process). I love my mother for buying these for me and am enormously grateful to Kristin for creating them!


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