Apr 18, 2012

New yoga sock pattern

What's on Your Hook Today

I've been trying to work up a new pattern for my yoga socks. I dig out stitch pattern books and scour the pages. I practice stitches on swatches, then I try to make them fit a foot. That's a lot harder than you think. If my original pattern uses 42 stitches around, you would think all patterns would do so. For some reason that logic doesn't work. A lot of frogging gets done before I find what works. Here is my latest attempt.

(I just started using Picasa for photo editing. I see that the text on the above photo could have been bigger. This is a learning opportunity for me.)

Regarding the new pattern, I'm also experimenting with a smaller hook. I want to get a more dense stitch, one that will enable me to vary the size if I want to. With the larger hook, I was pretty much stuck at 42 stitches. I tend to crochet tightly which is why I had begun with the larger hook to start with. If I get brave, I may even try a smaller hook.

Speaking of Picasa. I learned how to make a collage. Here is one I made with the yoga socks I completed this weekend. I still need to get photos of them on a foot, but that is not happening soon. Still, I need to get them listed, so I will put them up flat for now.

So what's your WIP for this Wednesday.

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