Apr 25, 2012

Periwinkle Fantasy

What's on Your Hooks Today?

September seems so long ago, but according to my hibernating shawl, it was just yesterday. I had started a crochet-along (CAL) over on the KnitPicks Community crochet forum in September, and we were all going to be done in time to start on our Christmas presents. Sound familiar, starting Christmas presents in the Fall?

A couple of us had admired three or four Ravelry patterns for shawls, and I ended up choosing the Fantasm shawl by Cheri McEwan. We all chose different yarns and we were to work at our own pace, posting as we went. I went charging out the gate, determined to be the leader, since the CAL was my idea. What happened was, another KnitPicks crocheter decided to do a sock CAL at the same time. I got sock fever.

First 9 rows of pattern. You can see the chart just below the shawl.
Come January, only one of our bunch had finished her Fantasm. And it was so gorgeous that the designer has her photo featured on the pattern page. I worked on my shawl for a bit, then I stumbled over some issue near the end. It frustrated me to be so close, then to have that happen---back into the WIP/UFO bin it went. That's Work In Progress/Unfinished Object, in case you were wondering. There have been disagreements on when a WIP becomes a UFO. It's a personal preference, I think.
Progress as of January. There 9 shells on each side, making it about 45 inches across.

Monday, I just really felt like crocheting something besides a Mug Hug or Yoga sock and I remembered how much I love working on shawls. Lace shawls particularly entice me, and I'm amazed how designers come up with their patterns. Today, I unearthed my Fantasm, named "Periwinkle Fantasy" for the color of the yarn, and frogged the offending portion. Fortunately, it wasn't a lot, and I was able to clearly see my problem. Now I'm on the way to finishing it. Look forward to a finished photo.

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