Sep 11, 2012

Becoming a Geophysicist---NOT! And Happy Birthday, Molly

September 11 - What was your least favorite subject in school?

First, I have to get two things off my chest: today is my beautiful daughter's birthday. She turned 11 in 2001 which brings me to the second thing: May God give comfort to all who were affected by the events of 911. Also, I pray that the Muslim extremists will turn away from their jihad and learn to live in love and tolerance.

Photos of Molly that I recently scanned. In these photos, she was aged 2- to 4-years old. She still loves to cook, ride horses, dance, and play dress-up.

Molly from 17-years old to 21-years old.
 One of these days---yeah, right---I'll get more photos scanned. Oh, wait, I just thought of another one I'll share, since it is just between you and me. This is the day Molly was born, all 9lbs 14oz of her.

Mike is giving me something to push against.
Regarding school---I loved school, I was just such a procrastinator that I would not get my homework turned in on time. I did flunk my second year of Latin because of it. Now you know why I can't get my blog posts done on time.

One of the things I found out after I graduated high school is that my parents had put me in advanced level classes. I got upset because everyone would rave how my friend got As and I didn't. Well, come to find out, she wasn't in the advanced classes. I would have gotten As too---while I slept. I did have a terrible time with trig in college so I gave up on becoming an geophysicist.


  1. I enjoyed looked at the beautiful collages you did of Molly. That's great that she has stayed with some of the interests she had when she was just a little girl.

    You sound like me with procrastinating in school. If there was a subject or assignment I didn't care to do, it would wait until close to the deadline. You would think I would have learned...but no. Oh well...

    Your parents were tricky with putting you in advanced classes. You can be extra proud of the grades you earned. :)

  2. Lovely daughter and Happy Birthday to her! I agree homework was also something to procrastinate on. I'm tough on my kids about not making the same mistakes.


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