Sep 13, 2012

Cutterstone Jewelry

One of the elements used in Cutterstone Jewelry is the lowly cuttlebone. I used to buy them for my birds to gnaw on. I'll never look at one the same again after viewing the remarkable pieces of jewelry in this shop. You will have to read for yourself the intricacies involved.

Here is the artistic work of John and Deni Boardman.

Cozy Corner Crochets: What are the names and addresses of your Pages, Blogs, and/or  Shops
Cutterstone Jewelry:

CCC: What is your primary craft
CJ: Jewelry making and repair work
CCC: What materials do you work with
CJ: Silver, gold, precious and semi-precious stones

Pendants made from cuttlebones

CCC: How did you get started and where do you see yourself headed
CJ: My husband is a self-taught jeweler, it’s a great story and you can read it here: Cutterstone/About. I was a full-time accountant that was allowed to retire when we got married, and got involved in his work which he is ecstatic about. For me, I would love to start learning more of what he does, and do my own designing. He would love to open a brick & mortar store, but now is not the time, and here is definitely not the place!

Gents Ring
CCC: Where do you get your ideas
CJ: John loves the ocean, and many of his designs are inspired by that. He loves the more modern, geometric, and bright pieces, while I am more of a simple, not to crazy kind of gal.

CCC: What gets in the way of you pursuing your dream
CJ: Unfortunately, the economy and the location where we live would not allow us to open a brick & mortar store, which is John’s dream. When Mervyn’s closed, he purchased all their jewelry cabinets which are still sitting in our garage.

CCC: What do you do to relax and have fun
CJ: We love to get into nature as much as we can. We like to camp and hike. Right now though our time is consumed in remodeling our older home. John is doing most of the work himself, he’s a well-rounded man, but of course I am biased!

CCC: What did you do “in your other life”
CJ: John has worked mostly on his own, but for many different jewelers over the years, even a high-end Palm Springs jeweler. He has won a couple of awards for gem-cutting that he doesn’t like to boast about, but I do (teehee). I used to be a controller for a Honda dealer. I’ve worked just about my whole life in the automotive field.

Chain Maille bracelet
CCC: Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself
CJ: We are very happily married, and have 4 children and 10 grandchildren between us. We are very grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ and try to live our lives according to His teachings.


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