Sep 4, 2012

Star Struck

September 4 - Have you ever met a celebrity?  If not, which one would you like to meet?

Somewhere, buried under piles of unorganized photos, there is a photo of me and Merv Griffin. Merv had come to town to tout the purchase of an Albuquerque hotel. My husband was writing for a business newspaper that was covering the event. I got to tag along to the celebration that was thrown at the hotel. That was my first time to see ice sculptures. Sometime during the evening, my husband asked Mr. Griffin if he could take his photo for the paper, and I even got to get in the picture. He was such a charmer. Looking at the photo, you would have thought we were long lost pals.

(I actually got down my plastic box of photos from the closet and tried to find the picture of me with Merv Griffin; all I could find was this one with the ice sculpture. I think this was about 1995.)

The first time I had ever seen ice sculptures on a table.

If I were to get to meet a celebrity today, I'm not sure who I would choose. I care less and less about celebrities the older I get. These days (and I may sound like an old, cranky, geezeress), people become celebrities for no reason, or because they have money. And they don't stay celebrities for very long either.

I hear Robert Duvall is very nice in person. I would shake his hand.


  1. I knew the name Merv Griffin rang a bell. I know him from Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. That's awesome you got to meet him!

  2. LOL. Hey, that ice sculpture may be cuter than Merv Griffin. I remember watching his afternoon talk show when I was a kid.

  3. I remember the Merv Griffin Show! Great show, wasn't it? Ice sculptures are so pretty. Especially like the ones during the winter outdoors here in Minnesota.

  4. You're right, so many famous people are more infamous than famous, or simply celebrities by default. Whatever happened to earning your way?

  5. I agree with you about celebrities today... If I could go back in time, I'd love to meet Marilyn Monroe. :-)

  6. "...These days...people become celebrities for no reason..."

    Actually, that's always been true. Johnny Carson would have all sorts of guests who were famous for being famous: Charo is the example that comes to mind for me. She just showed up on the Tonight show one night in the mid-1960's and her celebrity went from there. Before that Tonight show appearance she was nobody and I even wonder how she got that guest slot.

    Kato Kaelin is another example. OJ's slacker house guest skyrocketed to fame just for showing up in court. The guy had no talent so his 15 minutes lasted maybe ten minutes.


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