May 1, 2012

Spreading Joy

What a couple of brain-overloaded days I've had. Since creating my business, I've spent hour upon hour researching ways to reach out to buyers.

  • Etsy online labs
  • Etsy blogs
  • Homemadeology web site
  • TopHatter auctions web site
  • MarketingGum web site
  • Facebook pages
  • Linky
  • Crochet Liberation Front blog ring
  • Regretsy (for what NOT to do)
I'm sure they meant "Vintage"

However, I think the best pieces of advice came from April over at Blacksburg Belle. She wrote about the value of building relationships in the course of outreach. From her I learned that it is important to offer content that is good, relevant, and worthy of sharing. In her words,
"If I send my readers and followers to crap, they’re going to stop trusting me."

I pondered what kind of content my readers want. I don't want to show people how to crochet, because there are too many good, really good sites that already do that. What hasn't already been said? I enjoy showcasing other peoples work. That's really easy to do. But putting out topical posts takes work and brain power.

One thing that I've started doing more consistently is leaving comments on other peoples' blogs. You know, I would like to know that someone is reading, and having a comment would just make my day. So considering how I feel and transferring it to other people, I'm spreading some joy.


  1. Very good words of wisdom here. With all this giving and sharing of joy, someone reminded me just yesterday, 'Don't forget to save some for yourself.' Because we do that you know. We love so much that we tend to give until we reach to find the bottom has crumbs. My mom used to do that. Share the entire package of cookies with all four of us kids. Many times I would ask her, 'what about you mom?' She would say, 'Oh no! It's okay. I'm okay.'

    Really, it's not. It's not okay.

    Thank you for this post Anna. I will continue to share my Joy. And save some too.

  2. However, if you are really going to stay ahead of your marketing you are going to need to get that tattoo. ;)

    1. My kids are urging me on. Maybe after I make my first $200.00 in sales, then I will be able to afford it. LOL


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