May 21, 2012

Kool-Aid and Baseball

The yarn dyeing party was so much fun on Saturday. Only a couple of women showed up, but that meant we had the kitchen to ourselves. We all chose to do stovetop dyeing. The first yarn to be dyed was some worsted weight wool using lemon-lime. It was a straightforward, single color dye job, and it came out looking very nice.

I decided to use multiple colors---strawberry, (Kaas) mango, and blue raspberry lemonade. I used KnitPicks Stroll sock yarn. The finished yarn looks so bright that I'm calling it Fiesta.

The final yarn was an alpaca-wool blend that started out being black cherry. The user was wishing that it was a little deeper color, so we added a bit of black Wilton's icing dye. She was very happy with the resulting color. I'm sorry that we did not get a final picture of it, but we had started snacking and working on various projects, and I forgot.

Sunday, I went to the baseball game with my husband and mother. Mother was surprised to see me whip out a ball of yarn and start crocheting. I guess she had not ever heard of stitch and pitch.

I was using my new Fiesta yarn and working out a new yoga sock pattern. I think I should have that phrase on my clipboard because it seems like I use it a lot. I can't wait to show you the pictures of the last "new" yoga socks.

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