May 17, 2012

What Does Wine Have to do With Crochet?

I've just been reading Crazy Aunt Purl's blog, and I'm wondering how can I ever come close to being able to write like her. Witty. Thoughtful. Able to poke fun at herself. Sure, I can scarf down a bottle of Merlot, get lost in a ball of yarn, and go through lint rollers like they are free. I can even take pictures of my cat (and my dog, and my chickens) in zany, candid shots. But I only dream of being able to write---here's the best part---and get PAID for it!

To keep from embarrassing myself by pretending that I can write, I'm going to just jump right out here and show you a peek into my world through some photos I've collected. Most are bad photos, un-retouched by machine or human hands. There is no airbrushing away the flaws in my world. What would the world be without backlit faces and, "Oops, there's a dog hair on my scarf."

Lest you think I'm kidding about the Merlot, here is my mother and I last year at the annual Wine Festival in Bernalillo, New Mexico. Some say that we look alike, except that I've got about 4 inches on her.

I'm pretty sure she out-drank me. At least it didn't rain this year. But we did miss the train back to Albuquerque, and my husband tried to hitchhike to town to pick up our car. It's a good thing no one picked him up because they would have been coming from the wine event too and probably a little over the legal limit.

Speaking of my husband, he and I like to go to baseball games. (His name, by the way, is Mike, not Mr. Cozy Corner Crochets). One of our most recent photos together was taken at an Albuquerque Isotopes game on Mother's Day. He was on crutches, having broken his leg in February, and I was using my cane that day, so we were sitting in the handicapped section.

Since my kids love their mother, they let me drag them to the game that day. My son declared that the only reason people go to baseball games is to eat and drink beer. Well, I wouldn't say that's the ONLY reason. The drawback to eating at the ballpark is the only other places that have more expensive food are theaters and airports. Fortunately our ballpark makes some of the best green chile cheeseburgers for the price. I don't do hotdogs, even on  fifty-cent night. Here's my son, who can put away several dogs and burgers in one sitting, and then do it again.

What would a crochet blog be without the obligatory photo of crochet. And I can do one better---it involves crochet and wine. This is my daughter and I at a tailgating party at New Mexico State U. homecoming last year. She out-drank me. I tried to keep up but I became a hopeless mess. Seems like everyone is out-drinking me. This event led me to name some yarn I dyed, "Drinking Pinot Grigio with a Straw".

Next time I will try to write a real post about crocheting. At the very least, I hope you have enjoyed this break.


  1. i love it! thank you for sharing!

  2. Lonnie, what would I do without you and your constant encouragement!

  3. This is Molly. Mother was letting me read the blog off her computer/page. And it's just absolutely wonderful! I love all of these pictures, need a few to add to my family collection :) Also I think you are an amazing writer, and at least you are grammatically correct (while being witty) unlike many other people on the internet.


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