Jun 8, 2012

Nurture or Guilt

What's the Word June 8--intermittent

I feel swell. I got my lab test done that has taken me eight weeks to get scheduled. Then I made it to the first official meeting of the Duke City Hookers. It has taken a lot of soul searching on my part to come to this point with the crochet group. 

You see, I have fibromyalgia, and getting things done takes supreme effort. I already organize the Albuquerque FibroFriends Community, a fibromyalgia meetup, the ABQ Cribbage Meetup, and attend several knitting/crochet groups on an intermittent basis. Now, I'm also trying to sell my crochet designs on Etsy, run a Facebook page and this blog. What was I thinking of by starting a new group?

Because I can't say "No." Well, that's the big part of it. I have guilt issues. I want to be known for something other than the woman in pain. I want to contribute to society. All those things combined nearly sent me to the looney bin 15 years ago. But I was working fulltime and raising two small children plus trying to deal with this new diagnosis. Now my children are grown, off doing their own thing, and I'm not working outside the house. Maybe what I've got is empty-nester's syndrome.

I hope the Duke City Hookers can keep growing. I know it won't happen quickly. Groups take a long time to mature and require nurturing. But my middle name is Nurture. It's what I've done all my life---whether it be a kitten or a baby possum that I just knew was motherless, I had to take care of it.  Now I'm helping to develop a crochet group.Wish us well.

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