Jun 8, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Day 8

Day 8 Other than blogging, what is my guilty pleasure.

I started not to write on this one because I don't consider writing my blog to be very pleasurable. It's more of a chore that has to get done. At least a lot of the time.

You have to think of a relevant topic, find pictures, and put it all together. I'd rather just write what pops in my head, which most of you could care less about. I'm not trying to be snobby, but my thoughts just aren't that interesting. I have to work hard to come up with a post that is topical and fresh. When you are trying to compete with Attic24, and others like her, it is hard to get the motivation.

And besides that, none of my pleasures are worthy of producing guilt. I get enough guilt from reality, so I escape into my pleasures: caring for my chickens, eating a whole dark chocolate (85%) bar myself, crocheting on the sofa while my husband watches dreadful shows on TV, shopping with my daughter, going for coffee with my friends, drinking wine out of take-along water bottles, and more. Here lately though, I feel guilty when I get caught playing games on my Kindle in the middle of the night. I guess that counts.

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