Jun 2, 2012

On the bonnie, bonnie banks of the Rio Grande

(What's The Word June 1 and 2 smitten and mushroom. See if you can spot them.)

Hoo boy, I totally intended to blog yesterday, but I drove my mother to Taos. Expecting to take about six hours, we ended up taking nearly 12 hours. First, there was road construction on the interstate that had us at a creep.

Then we decided to take the "High Road" to Taos which goes over a mountain and through picturesque towns. My mother was totally smitten with the scenery, but it added considerably to our travel time.

Finally my car had had enough of ups and downs, arounds and arounds, slow and fast. By the time we got to Taos, the poor thing overheated. Fortuitously, or heaven-sent, we were within a couple of blocks of an automotive repair shop. The kind gentleman took care of us for nothing, refilling the lost fluids.

He gave me a gallon jug of water and said he hoped we made it back to Albuquerque OK. That was not particularly encouraging.

Nonetheless, we did a drive-through of town then settled on window shopping of the town plaza. My mother has been using a wheelchair of late, and after we left one shop for the next, the wheel broke on the chair. I needed a Margarita by that point.

Pictures of Historic Taos Inn, Taos
This photo of Historic Taos Inn is courtesy of TripAdvisor

I situated Mother back into the car, drove a few blocks to the Adobe Bar in the historic Taos Inn, and we set out to get a drink. We had forgotten that not only was it Friday, but it was happy hour. It took a little while to find a place to sit, especially since she was carting an oxygen tank. Frankly, people are not considerate of the handicapped I've found. They don't acknowledge that you need a little more room to get by or a little more time to maneuver some steps.

We were able to order happy hour Margaritas with two minutes to spare. The waitress came back with orders for two tables on her tray. She sat down our drinks and water, turned to get the next table, and all the drinks left on her tray slid off onto the floor. Mother got her skirt wet as did the woman in the next table. What a mess. I took that as a sign that we, ya know, maybe we weren't meant to be there that day.

And worst of all, the yarn store was closed by then!

We did make it back home just fine, and boy did I sleep good. My husband woke me up and reminded me that we were having lunch with a friend. I was so tired, all I could do for the lunch was to pick up some marinated artichokes, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella balls. My friend had made a terrific asparagus and ham quiche, so all is well in my world.

BTW, I did not take any of these pictures. They were borrowed from free sites.


  1. You make a good point that people are not considerate of disabled people. Hope people take notice of this. I like how you've got "smitten" and "mushroom" into the same post.

    1. Tricky, wasn't I. When I was walking with a walker, people more often than not did not see me. They have to look down to see a walker or someone in a wheelchair.


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