Jun 4, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Day 4

 Day 4 Meaning behind my blog name

I'm an impetuous person, and I often do things without rational reason. Is that redundant? When I was at my mother's house last summer, I tried to help them set up their wireless network. I asked my stepfather what he wanted to call it, and he said, "Cozy Corner."

About six months later, my mother got an iPod Touch, and she could not get hooked up to Cozy Corner. The password wouldn't work and on and on. She was so disappointed. We were there this April, and I tried to get her connected but to no avail. Interestingly, her laptop works fine on the wireless. We just couldn't connect the iPod.

So I guess you could say that "Cozy Corner" was on my brain. And obviously I crochet. It has a nice onomatopoetic ring to it.

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