Jul 7, 2012

Do or Do Not, There Is No Try

July 7---Something you would attempt if you knew you couldn't fail

Believe it or not, a perfectionist has a fear of failure. Some will not attempt a project for fear that it won't be perfect. That's often a cause of procrastination. I should know.

How many times have I not even begun a project because I was afraid of failure. And this has been a problem all my life. Now my son is cursed with it too. But he has had a lot of encouragement his whole life from a stable family home, caring teachers, and skillful coaches. I recently complimented him on his LinkedIn profile, and this is what he had to say. " Thank you! I may not have made it through college but I was well supplied with the life skills and tools needed to succeed in pretty much anything."

So, what would I do if I absolutely knew I couldn't fail---why, everything! I would write, climb rocks, scuba dive, grow all my vegetables, have five babies instead of two, own horses, ride horses, play the piano, sing, travel, have a successful business, be a doula, and help all the babies stop crying. I mean, if I'm going to dream, I might as well dream big. I would sew clothing, spin the finest yarns, drive a race car and win, ride a bicycle across country, and memorize the Bible.

The only thing that would stop me would be too few hours in a day.


  1. My problem is the opposite. I'm a planner. I get excited and plan things to death, and then i fail at the follow through. lol. I'm a great starter and not a good finisher.

    And I disagree with Yoda. You are never too old to learn or reinvent yourself. There's always time.

  2. I am still learning new things, but I can't imagine reinventing myself. That may be because I've done it several times already, and I feel comfortable with where I'm at right now for a change. No doubt something will come up and rock my boat, but until then I'm content to coast a little bit. I need a breather. LOL.


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