Jul 6, 2012


July 6--What is a holiday tradition you have in your family?

Some "traditions" in our family change as the members mature. For example, who used to make the Thanksgiving pies? Why, me, of course. That is until Molly turned about 15, then she started making them all. And it's become a new tradition.

Here's Molly, meditating on pie baking. J/K

Some traditions branch out. For example, my husband and I started having St. Patrick's Day parties together before we were even married. They were so popular that we didn't even advertise. It was like, "Hey, it's March 17. Better head over to Murph's for the party." Now that Colin is on his own, he has become the new Murph.

Colin's a bit of a ham.

Christmas tree cutting is also another tradition in  the Murphy family, one that started back in the mid-80s in Arizona. At that time, it cost us more to cut down a tree than buy one because it usually involved a trek to the Mogollon Rim, an overnight stay in a motel room with people who eat Doritos, and lots of rope since no one could figure out how to safely tie down the multiple trees our group had cut. Tree cutting became more tame when the kids came along. Now that the kids are gone, it is a burden off my husband for us to go buy a tree. I don't have enough muscle to help lift a tree onto the roof of the car for a drive down the mountain.

Mike used to use a hand saw until we got the chain saw

The past several years it has become a tradition for "me" to buy a package deal of baseball tickets for my husband's birthday. That has been a benefit of our tax refund. We try to attend the home opener, Mother's Day and Father's Day if the team is in town, and either Memorial Day or Independence Day for the fireworks show.

Mother's Day at the baseball game (Mike and I)

Now, for your listening pleasure, I offer you Traditions, from The Fiddler on the Roof.

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