Jul 30, 2012

No One Will Ever Call Me An Artist

Are you an artist?? Show some artwork or doodling you've done. Don't do art, share something you like then.

I am NO artist. I have an eye for color and composition. It just doesn't translate itself to the paper. I'm glad I can craft, so that I have an outlet for these qualities. They also help with things like arranging pictures on the wall and arranging furniture. I like balance and symmetry. I like movement.Those things attract my attention. But color is always first. The more colors in something, the more I'm attracted to it. My shop logo and my business cards both have a lot of color in them.

I like impressionism, but my husband doesn't share my taste. He likes photos, so much of the work on our walls is photos. I don't mind it too much because they are usually photos of places we've been. I took some photos of some of the artwork on our living room walls. I couldn't help the glare.


  1. I really like the artwork you chose to share. Having a lot of color is something I like, too. I don't need neon brights or anything, but a good pop of color in art makes me happy!

    My husband and I aren't on the same page regarding art either. He couldn't care less! :D

  2. Thanks, Sara, for stopping by and commenting.


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