Jul 13, 2012

A Pictorial Walk Through My Life

July 13 Me---then and now

I did not grow up in a digital age, so I don't have many pictures of myself when I was young. And the ones I do have are ones that I've scanned, so the resolution is really bad. When I went to look for pictures on my computer, I was surprised to find a couple that I had scanned but had forgotten about.  Also, several of them are photos of photos.

This first one is me when I was around three years old. My dad owned a photography studio, and he was always taking pictures of me. This pair of photos was actually on a poster that my mother put together for my 50th birthday. So you can see a couple of other photos tacked to the board.

Now, we jump to when I was going on 11. My father was in charge of the annual Corpus Christi New Year's Day Swim. I was an honorary contestant in the beauty pageant and got to hang out with the older contestants. My swim suit was trimmed with rabbit fur and my photo went in the newspaper. My 15-minute claim to fame.

Fast forward again to my big hair days. Here, I was somewhere between 18 and 19. I'm shown with my baby brother Greg who was six. I had this picture made without my mother knowing because it was a Mother's Day gift to her from the two of us. I spent forever at the beauty shop getting my hair that high, since my hair is ultra fine and would not hold the tease. AquaNet to the rescue.

I don't have anything to add until 17 years later. My husband and I are on the right, with me holding Colin who was one. We were photographed with our good friends at their wedding. And, yeah, that hunking kid in my arms was 12 months old.

A couple of years later, we have the entire Murphy clan dressed up for St. Patrick's Day. I made the outfits for the kids.  Colin had just turned three, and Molly was 6 months.

Skipping several years ahead, here I am with my mother on my 50th birthday.

And, for the finale, this is me, my mother, and my baby brother (LOL) in 2011.

Thank you for walking through time with me. I enjoyed your visit.


  1. Wow! What great photos! I love the one of you in water. :)
    And, as a child of the 80s, know the AquaNet rescue first hand. :)
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. What a pleasure it was to go through a get a glimpse of your life. Like Shayla, I think my favorite one is of you in the water. Very cute! Your sewing skills must be very good to be able to sew clothing that fits and looks good. (My attempt in 8th grade at a long-sleeve top failed miserably...couldn't even hold my arms up over my head.)

    Growing up in the non-digital age as well, I could completely understand the gaps in years between the photos. Maybe that's why they are so much more valued. :)

  3. I love the water picture, what a great shot! Thanks for linking up at What's Cluckin!


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